The wall of honor, shown above, is a wall of pictures commemorating Bradley County’s men and women who lost their lives during foreign conflicts.

In this museum are countless artifacts dating back to before the first World War. These

artifacts range from canteens and medals, to newspaper articles, to uniforms worn by our

soldiers. Show below are some of the many artifacts available for viewing within the museum.

Various WWII memorabilia including medals, emblems, and a newspaper article written after the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Shown above, are various medals and patches earned by Lt. Col. Jerry Rand, as well as a German Officer’s issued saber.

Seen below is a picture painted and donated by a local artist of Larry “Lawrence” Hightower, a well know World War II pilot.

Shown is a memorial dedicated to a Veteran of Bradley County that passed away during the Oklahoma bombing.
Shown above is a WWII Japanese flag, as well a wall plaque and other historical documents.